And to all these qualities add love, which binds all things together in perfect unity. COLOSSIANS 3:14

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Check out the SK-II products God blessed me with through a faith-filled prayer in the name of Jesus!

In the era of Facetune and filters, it seemed like everyone on my feeds had clear skin—flawless even—except me. But looking at my friends and family members offline, I realized so many people around me seemed to have clear skin in real life too—something I wished I could say about myself. Can’t blame filters for everything, right? Who wants to hide behind foundation every day? A filter? Not I.

It was November. I had stopped wearing foundation everyday back in September, but I would still wear it on occasion. I saw improvement in my skin, but it still wasn’t where I knew it could be. I kept my hands off my face, I ate healthy, I followed my daily skincare routine to a perfect T, and I still had no clue what was wrong. To make matters worse, my face broke out terribly a week before Thanksgiving break. Great. What I thought was bad had gotten much worse.

I was so frustrated and honestly embarrassed at how bad my skin looked! Like with anything else, I prayed specifically for super clear skin. Ask and you shall receive, right? That same night, I decided to open a newsletter from one of my favorite bloggers, Chriselle Lim from The Chriselle Factor. She was doing a 12 Days of Chriselle giveaway for Christmas. Let's just say God's timing is impeccable because this was Day 2 and all about clear skin! She was giving two readers a chance to win facial products from SK-II, a high-end skincare brand. At first, I read the article and planned to buy the featured products myself. Chriselle’s skin is pretty flawless, so I thought, maybe what she’s using will help me. Little did I know, SK-II prices didn’t fit my current college budget. So instead, I entered the contest and prayed hard, specifically, and with faith.

The next day came, and I was surrounded by the aroma of ground coffee beans as I tapped away at my work in a Starbucks. I knew the two contest winners would be announced at 3:00pm, and I could barely focus when it was almost time. I was eager and nervous yet very optimistic (yes, over skincare products…I KNOW…but if you saw my breakout, you’d understand). This was indeed a moment of truth, but I had faith.

3:00pm came. Click. Scroll. And there was my name—one of two on the winners’ list.

I wish someone were there to record my reaction because I was shook. I thanked God right then and there with the biggest smile ever. If at first you thought it was silly to pray for clear skin, I’m sure you’ve changed your mind by now. God comes through in His way for our good always. He’s always on time, and He never fails to deliver. He sees all of our troubles (big and small), and He truly wants to help us.

One of my favorite parts of the Bible explains this clearly in Matthew 7. Here, Jesus says, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.” If we need something, we should literally just ask with faith in Jesus’ name. He is pleased by our faith, and it only takes the tiniest amount for Him to make a move. If you’re praying for something and not receiving your miracle, it’s either (A) not in His will (trust me, He’s got something better for ya), or (B) you need that extra sprinkle of faith. Matthew 13:58 says, “Because they did not have faith, He did not perform many miracles there,” so faith is indeed the secret ingredient.

Sometimes I catch myself complaining instead of just asking God to help me out. But what good is that? If I had continued complaining about my skin, I would not have been utilizing my energy to pray to the One who can make something happen with just one word.

The package with my new SK-II Welcome Kit came in the mail a few weeks later over winter break, and let me just say my skin has transformed! This is not at all sponsored (although I wish it were), so I’m being truthful. I still have a few blemishes left, but now, I walk out confidently and foundation free. I’m so thankful God heard my cry for help, and I know He hears yours too. Keep believing!

I hope you enjoyed this testimony! Leave a comment below or on my Instagram post letting me know if you have a cool faith story to tell too!