And to all these qualities add love, which binds all things together in perfect unity. COLOSSIANS 3:14

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Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Heyyyy peeps, so I'm back from a forever long hiatus, and boy does it feel good! Life's been busy since school started, and in the midst of that, Irma happened. I feel blessed to have found an inexpensive plane ticket to Atlanta at the last minute of evacuating (literally...but that's another story). Missing 2.5 weeks of school was crazy, but let's just say I had SO MUCH FUN during my time off. I was able to celebrate with my roommate for her birthday because she happened to evacuate to Atlanta too. I spent time with family I only get to see a few times a year. I went indoor skydiving. I slept. I cooked, which was great since I don't have a kitchen in my dorm room, and I gained my streaks back on Duolingo (mi español está mejorando). 

 One interesting part of my trip was being able to meet a girl who I've known on Instagram for over 2 years. Don't worry, this isn't a preview for an episode of Catfish. But I was really nervous to meet someone I'd only talked to through social media. The good news is that she turned out to be just as cool in person as she is on the 'gram (check out her Insta to see her great hair, radiant positivity, and heart for Jesus). So, with that, MEET AMBER--one of the coolest chicas I know!

She's definitely an amazing sister in Christ (whew no Catfish), and as she would say, she "serves looks and the Lord." In the midst of having fun and hanging out, we took some pictures--as two bloggers would do--and filmed a video called #Relationshipgods. We both realized many people, including us, idolize relationships at times and strive to achieve the perfect #RelationshipGoals. But if God isn't at the center of our hearts, we'll never be fully satisfied with anything or anyone...ever (Psalm 73:25)...(sounds familiar: The Waiting Game). It's a fresh perspective on relationships for us single sistas, but it's perfect for anyone wanting to connect with Christ more deeply, so check it out below!

Now that I've been back in Miami for a few weeks, reality has kicked in, and these professors ain't playing. "All Nighter Life" has been my motto like never before. But life's good. I thank God I had a safe and enjoyable place to go during the storm, and I pray those who are still living the aftermath of Irma are able to get the assistance they need. 

Posts won't be once a week during the school year, but I will try my best to post as frequently as possible, so be sure to SUBSCRIBE here and on YouTube to stay updated with my journey as a faith-based fashionista. I hope you're as excited to see updates on Versed In Vogue as I am! Also, comments and likes are much appreciated.


adiós & stay amazing my friends,